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Cool Ankara Styles To Slay In (Ladies Only)

A famous designer once said “style is a way to say who you are without speaking”. If you’re like Carrie Bradshaw who likes her money where she can see it right in her closet, then I bet you won’t want to settle for less.

Got a new design? Let your style do the talking, and if anyone doesn’t like it, they can speak to the style.

Here’s a rundown of some cute latest Ankara styles you’ll slay in. I bet you, that sister that hasn’t spoken to you in a while will say hi…

Step out into the ravishing eyes of the gentlemen in your neighborhood and glow with pride when that snobby girl just down the road asks you who designed your dress. Looking good in Ankara is good, but you’d surely give anything for a simple but classic design that’ll rock your world, which in my opinion is better!

Check out these “latest Agbada designs for the ladies only

The best way to look chic in this hard times when everyone else is complaining about the recession is to slip on an Ankara dress.
Without further ado, here’s for the ladies who know what it means to dazzle in Ankara.
This Ankara style is perfect for work, an evening dinner with him or a church service.
Last updated on April 13, 2017 5:41 PM
Another work ready style. Also good for meetings. Black or red handbag would be great.


Here’s another favorite. Simple, yet stylish and elegant. Sweep them gentl’men off their feet in this awesome ankara gown.


Wear this on a Wednesday and come back to thank me later.


She looks pretty good in that. What do you think?

I wonder who made this design for her. I’ve seen something similar, but not as cool as this one… And those red shoes, you can get it here.


Quite a striking pose I must say, and nice gown. Pretty simple, no complex designs, yet stylish and classy.


Step out with her in style. But I think a green bag would have been a better accessory.


That’s the boss-lady herself! Hands ina’ the pocket…


Simply beautiful like the smile on her face.


Great design. Haven’t seen anyone rock that style nor the one below, nor the one below it.



latest ankara style ladies image


latest ankara designs image


ankara styles to slay in image


Aren’t these Ankara styles beautiful?

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