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WONderful Agbada Styles for Sons and Fathers

It’s the wish of every father to give birth to a child who’ll one day become better than him. Children are a gift from God, and fathers would do absolutely anything to give their children all they want for a beautiful life.

Well, there’s one way Nigerian fathers have embraced, and it’s the rock and roll ride; a moment shared with daddy’s little man.

African Nigeria Mens Agbada Clothing ( Size 52: XXL) (52-54-2XL : Medium)

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  • Chest: 52 - 54
  • Neck: 18 - 18.5
  • Sleeve: Short Sleeve Inner.
  • Pant Waist: Rope (With Elastic)
  • Pant Length: Free Size for Adult

Here are some inspiring agbada style for fathers and their sons.

Meanwhile, check out these female agbada styles

Special thanks to bellanaija for these spectacular shots!

What do we call this design? Senator’s Agbada??? Hmmmm…

One thousand, five hundred!

Oh baby… kuchi kuchi… I so miss Goldie.

Isn’t he handsome?

That’s a future influential Alhaji!

Ah.. Mom look at how we made it…

The young man is seriously pleased with them…

Change your style…

Who God has blessed… let no man curse…

Nice! A combination of polka dot designs on an Agbada!

Pretty Awesome Agbada embroidery designs…

Swagger light little boy or the ladies won’t be able to take their eyes off you…

What God has joined together, let no man put asunder!

If pictures could make one get married, this and the following Agbada styles for weddings would have made me go get married.

Marriage is such a beautiful thing…


Beautifully stunning

Like father, like son…

Perfect combination! Great pose! That’s all I can say!

aso ebi bella agbada image

father son agbada style

Also Checkout these Alonso Mateo: A super stylish 8 year old Fashion Lord!

boy agbada design image

Alhaji’s Son! Simply put, he’s the young Alhaji.

Omo Abule Sowo!

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agbada styles

Dremo come and see dab with Dad Joor!

If he’s this mind blowing at such a young age, I wonder how the girls are going to cope with such a lovely young man around them. #justsaying

Koko Master Dbanj isn’t in an Emergency, so he’s taking time to show us how endowed he is.

agbada with fowler hat image

Timaya nigerian celebrity agbada image

agbada styles

Daddy RMD looks great!

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