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Latest Agbada Styles for Sons and Fathers June 2017 (Updated Weekly)

(Last Updated On: June 15, 2017)

Looking for the latest agbada styles for daddy and his little boy? You’re in the right place.

The Agbada, Baban Riga or Grand Boubou (bubu) as its fondly called in many parts of Africa especially in Nigeria is a classic African dress worn by men who want to distinguish themselves from other men.

The Agbada is related to the Dashiki and historically, the Agbada derives its roots from Islam. A complete Agbada consists of the trousers, the long sleeved shelve and open stitch sleeveless gown.

It’s the wish of every father to give birth to a child who’ll one day become better than him. Children are a gift from God, and fathers would do absolutely anything to give their children all they want for a beautiful life.

Well, there’s one thing Nigerian fathers have embraced, and it’s the moment shared with daddy’s little man.

Gentlemen, here’s what you’ve been waiting for… mens agbada styles…

Click on any image to enlarge. Check back next week for the latest Agbada styles.

Photo Credit: Instagram @agbadastyles

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