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9 Facts About The Yoruba People

(Last Updated On: December 24, 2016)

yoruba people

Out of the over 250 ethnic groups that abound in Nigeria, the Yoruba people have distinguished themselves in many ramifications.

The Yoruba race is more of a collection of diverse people bound together by a common language, history and culture.

They sit tight south of the Sahara as one of the largest groups in that region, although they are also found in other parts of the world especially in the Caribbean.

I’ve made a compilation of some wonderful  facts about the yoruba people.

But first, checkout these 12 facts about the Igbos you never knew!

Done that? Then let’s proceed.

  1. According to a post on InformationNg, the term Yoruba wasn’t used until sometime in the 19th century although prior to that, it had been used by a notable scholar sometime in the 16th century. According to Yoruba mythology, the Yoruba people are believed to  be the descendants of Oduduwa.
  2. The Yorubas happen to be one of the most urbanized people in Africa because before the coming of the British colonial masters, they were already organized under the rule of their Oba.
  3. The Yoruba people express themselves very well and aren’t the ones that can make a party dull. As a matter of fact, they celebrate their events in a colorful way. They call their wedding ceremonies Igbeyawo, naming ceremonies Isomoloruko, funerals Isinku and housewarming party isile.
  4. Not minding the fact that times are modern, the Yoruba people still cling to their culture. They observe each and every cultural activity save for those that deserve to be done away with. For instance, the rites of passage of the Yoruba people is still being practiced.
  5. Did you know that during the birth of a child in Yoruba land, anyone younger than the mother of the child isn’t permitted to be there? This is one of the well known facts about the Yoruba people.
  6. During the burial ceremony in Yoruba land, adult men who aren’t related to the deceased but belong to the same clan as the deceased are allowed to attend the burial. In traditional settings, the graves are dug inside the deceased house but in urban setting, they are buried in cemeteries.
  7. There’s a general belief that the Yorubas have as much as 400 deities they worshipped in the olden days. They believe in the existence of a supreme being whom they call Olorun, who is aided by two other gods Eshu (divine god that delivers special sacrifices to Olorun) and Isha (Oloruns messenger to mankind)
  8. When a child is born in Yoruba land, the naming ceremony is carried out after 8 days. Here’s how the Yorubas name their children.
  9. According to, there are 6 steps observed during a Yoruba traditional marriage. They include Igba ifojusode, ifa f’ore, isihun, itoro, idana and igbeyawo

More Facts About The Yoruba People com… But before then, do share with us a thing or two…

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