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14 Fashionable Unisex African Wear Designs to Rock In 2017

Of the many things Africa is known for, fashion has its place in the continent which has produced designers that have clothed the likes of Mrs Obama. Choosing a style to rock without triggering a backlash of criticism from the “fashion police” isn’t a herculean task, all thanks to the plethora of African wears that abound.
From the kente to the dashiki, Ankara, agbada boubou, and baban riga  to mention few, the list is endless. For the purpose of this post, I’ve taken time to get you a grand peek into the hottest traditional African styles… I mean a peek into some of the top trending African wears including that of males and females.

So do yourself a favor, and save pins you find interesting. Don’t forget to share with a friend, you wouldn’t want to be selfish in the coming New Year, would you?

There’s absolutely no reason for her not to be happy. She’s dressed to make a statement… And those legs are something else though…

What better way to rock an African wear whilst looking absolutely modest and “well-covered”? Deeper life bible church sisters will surely understand what I mean.

Wait… She’s striking a pose… Allow her take a selfie so she can keep the follower numbers on her Instagram account increasing.

She did bare quite a lot of shoulders, but it her attire still covered her up nicely.

Maxi Skirts have been around for a very long time and have become increasingly popular lately. Who wouldn’t love a Maxi Skirt and a matching traditionally made African hand fan to go with?

Jidenna says it all. No doubt, the “Chief don’t Run” when it comes to rocking an African wear…

I got myself one of these… I couldn’t have thought of a better way to rock a sweater differently…

That’s quite some curves you know…

She’s got some hawt hot legs, or doesn’t she?

Even The POTUS and LOTUS aren’t left out of the trend.

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