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Air Jordan 32: Air Jordan XXXII 'Rossa Corsa' Review
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Air Jordan 32: Air Jordan XXXII ‘Rossa Corsa’ Sneakers

(Last Updated On: September 24, 2017)
Air Jordan 32: Air Jordan XXXII 'Rossa Corsa' Review
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At an all exclusive event in Turin, Italy in August, the Jordan Brand unveiled the Air Jordan 32 Rossa Corsa sneaker. Also known as the Air Jordan XXXII Rossa Corsa, it is the 32nd Air Jordan Sneaker ever made.

Drawing inspiration from the Air Jordan 2, the Jordan 32 shoe was designed for the best and only the best. It features a slight mix of Flyknit, Zoom Air cushions, and premium leather.

On Saturday, September 23rd, 2017, the Air Jordan 32 was released in the Rossa Corsa colorway. The Rossa Corsa colorway is representing an Italian luxury sports car with its racing red signature.

The Jordan is best described by the Italian word “Bellissimo” which means beautiful. That may be the same opinion so many others have about the shoes the fact that it hasn’t been extensively tested and reviewed accordingly notwithstanding.

Retailing for a tad below the $200 mark, a lot of hands will grab them off the shelves of the store in no distant time.

Key Features of the Air Jordan 32 Rossa Corsa

The key features of the shoe include

  • Flyknit construction mixed with Zoom Air cushioning
  • Jumpman branding
  • The sweet looking “Launch” button graphic on the insole
  • Premium leather for a premium look

In the words of David Creech, Jordan Brand VP of Design, “We start with athlete insights at the heart of everything we do. We craft every detail from macro to micro, obsessing fit, form and function. Thirty years ago, they obsessed those same details when designing the AJ II, which led to the premium materials and the innovative style of Italy. Our goal with the AJ XXXII was to combine the essence of the AJ II with today’s best innovation to create a distinct design language both on and off the court”.

Furthermore, the Jordan 32 makes history as it is set to be launched globally in low cut and mid versions. Additionally, It will cater for individual preferences. This will surely project the brand to more audience.

Hot on the heels of the Rossa Corsa colorway is the “Bred” which will debut on 18th October.

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