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Atlantic Knot: How to Tie The Atlantic Knot (Video + Picture)

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2017)


Atlantic knot image infographic
Atlantic Knot


Step By Step Guide on How to Tie The Atlantic Knot

If you’ve ever had your attention captured by the Atlantic knot, here’s an opportunity to learn how to tie it. It is otherwise known as the cross knot. You’ll need your tie and a mirror for this.

  • Place your tie on your neck; the thin end will be on your left and the wider end will be on your right. Make sure the thin end extends longer than the wider end – it should touch your belt if possible.
  • Make a slight dimple on the wider end. You can choose to skip this step if you don’t want the dimple on the tie.
  • Next, cross the thin end over the top of the wider end and around it. Pass it through the back of the tie and out to the front.
  • Pass it again around the back to your right side and then pass it through the top of the tie through the loop you made by placing a finger or two.
  • Adjust the tie and tighten the loose areas. Voila! You’ve successfully knotted the Atlantic Tie Knot.

Watch the video tutorial below.


That was easy, wasn’t it?

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