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Cool Tie Knots boutonniere knot
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Cool Tie Knots: The Boutonniere Knot

(Last Updated On: October 9, 2017)

One of the cool tie knots in town is called the Boutonniere Knot. Bou what? Boutonniere Knot.

Cool Tie Knots boutonniere knot

“Boutonniere” is the French word for buttonhole. The boutonniere is a floral attachment that men often attach to their suit lapels for weddings. Whoever invented the Boutonniere Knot probably loved wearing it with the boutonniere attached to his suit lapel.

Well, that’s by the way.

Below is the step by step process on how to tie the boutonniere knot which is undoubtedly one of the few cool tie knots.

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  • Place the tie on your neck with the wider end to your right and the thin end to your left. The wider end should be shorter than the thin end.
  • Make a dimple on the wide end, although you can choose not to.
  • Cross the thin end over to the right and up through the back to the front.
  • Pass the thin end again under the wider end to the right and up through the front to the back and take it to your left.
  • Pass the thin end through the top to the back and take it to the right. Repeat this process again three more times passing it to the right, to the left, and to the right respectively each time.
  • The little remaining part should be tucked in under your collar as in the video below. Finally, adjust the tie till it suits your neck perfectly. The Boutonniere knot compliment’s big shirt collars.

Here’s a Video on How to tie the Boutonniere Knot


That was easy, wasn’t it?

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