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  • All images used on Couture Crib are either gotten from Instagram or Pinterest or as stated in the image caption. If your picture is used and you’d like to take it down, please use the contact form on the contact us page or send an email to info[@] You can also find us on social media (Please refer to our About Page or use the social media icons on the top right corner of the page).
  • The blog content articles on Couture Crib are products of thorough research done by Couture Crib writers.
  • Couture Crib is not responsible for any comments made by the readers. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
  • Articles on Couture Crib which had external sources have backlinks pointing to the source of the information where necessary.
  • Do not give away your personal information to anybody on Couture Crib. Couture Crib will not be held liable for any outcomes of disclosure of personal information.

Thank you.

Published: Saturday 15th October, 2016

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