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4 Must Have Fashion Items For Every Nigerian Man!!!

(Last Updated On: December 24, 2016)

Like the saying goes, swag is for men, ¬†class is for boys. A man’s appearance is defined by his combination of fashion items and proper use of colors.

Every Nigerian man needs to have a handful of fashion items and accessories including the following…

1. Wrist Watch! Aside from its effective use for keeping to appointments, every man needs a wrist watch. There are many different models in the market. For those who aren’t comfortable with shaking their hands when the want to look at their watch, you’d better get a wrist watch with a leather strap. I’ll suggest Omega, Swatch, Quartz and Rolex. There are other premium brands too.

2. Perfumes! Popular Nigerian rapper Phyno told everyone who listened to his song that he now uses Tom Ford perfumes. That shows class. Tom Ford perfumes are pretty good. But you can still get other perfumes for yourself. For the students who do not have so much money to spare on perfumes, you can get Emergency or Cuba.

3. Formal and Casual Shirts! Owing to the current economic situation in Nigeria, me. Will always complain of being tight on funds with regards to purchasing shirts and trousers. But here’s one tip. You can have just about 5 trouser pairs and lots of shirts… Say about 20. No one will even notice you are wearing the same trouser over and over again. Shirts come in different colors. It’s advisable to buy your shirts according to the color of trouser you have. Yellow and white aren’t a good match. I’d suggest black and white, or blue and white.

4. A collection of foot wears. Wearing one shoe or slipper all the time can be very annoying. It could spoil anytime without prior notice. Every man should have a footwear collection comprising of a mixture of shoes, sandals and stylish leather slippers.One more thing!It’s pertinent to take into consideration the color of your clothes when you buy these must have fashion items. More so, you should spend with caution and don’t just buy any fashion item because it looks good on someone. Buy it because it suits your style and puts you in an exquisite class.

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