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Hilarious Nigerian Female Agbada Designs and Styles (With Pictures)

The Agbada has left the exclusive recluse of the Nigerian politicians wardrobe and has landed not only in the wardrobes of the men who rocked awesome agbada styles, but also in the closet of beautiful Nigerian ladies like Mercy Aigbe gentry who has slayed in sexy agbada outfits.

Now, to whet your already wet appetite, I’ve compiled a list of these awesome yet hilarious pictures of Nigerian women rocking female agbada styles.

Now before you scroll down, check this out… 

mercy aigbe agbada picture

Who else slays better than Mercy Aigbe herself? She’s a queen in the Nigerian industry and she’s bringing that royalty to the fashion scene. She’s got that swag. Great combination.





Agbada styles for men

What strikes me is this gele! She did match it well with the agbada.

Let me guess… A typical Igbo woman rocks the Agbada. I think she borrowed the Agbada from the guy who snapped the picture… But she does look dapper in it.

That smile alone seals it. Hmmmm… And she’s even doing it like the politi… Are you sure she isn’t a daughter of one of Nigeria’s top politicians? #justsaying

Olamide! Dremo! Lax! come and see our sister Dab in Agbada! Eh… Cool.. Me Likey!

This is the Nigerian version of the Three Wise Men… I think the girl to the left looks cute in it. Whats your take?

Nice! ShoutOut to all the ladies rocking awesome female agbada styles.



Sister, no dey look am. Na your size. Guess this is your first time of wearing the Agbada.. I like the cap and the poise in the middle.



This isn’t really the Agbada but it is worn by many ladies in place of the Agabda. Now this particular color is peculiar to the Tiv people of Nigeria.

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These UNILAG girls that rock Agbada… Hmmm. Nice. I’m just gonna keep quiet.

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