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Gele Styles 2017: Best Head Tie Styles November 2017

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2017)

If you’ve ever been to a Nigerian wedding before, you’ll agree with me that the most annoying thing you’ll encounter in that wedding aside from the scarcity of meat and drinks, is a woman wearing a very large gele. There are several ways to tie the gele, thanks to the latest gele styles available.

In every wedding, chances of seeing more than three women wearing the same head tie style are slim. Why? You’ll find out when you are through with looking at these awesome head tie styles. Don’t forget to check out our Ankara, Agbada, Kitenge, Kente, and Dashiki styles. 🙂  😆

So let’s find out which styles are trending this month. Feel free to pin and share to your social media accounts.

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