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G Shock 2017: All Time Best G Shock Watches

(Last Updated On: November 16, 2017)

latest g shock 2016 2017

For several years, Casio has been releasing several G shock watches back to back, including limited editions. There are lots of G shock watch models available in the market now. Without proper guidance, you’ll find it difficult picking the best one for yourself.

You’ll agree with me that G-shock watches are very fantastic. Frankly speaking, G shock watches are the most sought after sports watches in the world. They are rugged, waterproof, and durable. Little wonder they are perfect for everyday use. Unfortunately, you cannot use them for business and formal meetings except if you’re a Neymar signing a $2.7 million weekly salary document… #laughs¬† ūüėÄ ūüėČ

Without wasting much of your time, I bring to you the best latest Casio G shock 2016 watches and the latest models released this 2017. I’ll briefly review these watches, pointing out their¬†features and what you’ll like and dislike about them.

Let’s find out the watches that made it to our review list.

Latest Casio G Shock 2016 Watches

 Name of WatchColor 
1G-SHOCK The GA 100 Military Series WatchBlack Check Price
2Casio Men's G-Shock Classic Digital WatchBlack Check Price
3Casio G-Shock Illuminator WatchBlack Check Price
4Casio G-Shock Rescue Big Case WatchRed Check Price
5G-Shock GA100A-7A X-Large Men's White Resin Sport WatchWhite Check Price

Before you proceed further, you need to read this watch buying guide for men.

If you’re done reading it, then you’re free to continue reading this article.

1. G-SHOCK The GA 100 Military Series Watch

The G shock military watch series isn’t meant for only the guys in the military, they are so named because of their toughness. The G-shock GA 100 military series watch is made from high-quality resin materials. It’s shock and water resistant (the water resistance depth stands at 200m). The fact¬†that it’s water resistant shouldn’t make you dip it in water always.

latest g shock 2016 2017

It’s shock and water resistant (the water resistance depth stands at 200m). The fact¬†that it’s water resistant shouldn’t make you dip it in water always. If you can take it off, please do, you’ll possibly extend its lifespan.

The G-shock GA 100 military series watch also features a super fast stopwatch integrated with a speed indicator. With 29 time zones that can show time in 48 different cities, it’s a great travel companion. You can easily swap from your home city to current city easily. Need I say that the watch supports daylight saving on/off functions.

The watch has auto led lights and an anti-magnetic structure that ensures minimal deviation. With the¬†G-shock GA 100 military series watch, you’ll never lose track of the date. The watch has been preprogrammed to show you the date till 2099!

YOU’LL LIKE:¬†Stop watch feature | Anti-magnetic structure |¬†Auto LED light |¬†Calendar |¬†World Clock with 29 time zones |¬†Water resistant and shock resistant.

YOU’LL DISLIKE:¬†Difficult to read the watch face at times | The watch may begin to lag behind especially when the battery is low.

Get the G-Shock GA 100

2.¬†Casio Men’s G-Shock Classic Digital Watch

For lover’s of sports watches, the Casio G shock 2016 Classic Digital watch is a must have. It’s water-resistant up to 200m so you can jog in the rain and swim with it for a few minutes. Additionally, the watch has an Afterglow enabled backlight as well as a multi-function alarm system. The alarm system’s beep is audible enough to wake a light sleeper up.

Casio Men's G-Shock 2017 2016

To keep track of your time, you can use the stopwatch feature which is superb.

Furthermore, the G shock Classic Digital Watch provides you the option to choose either the 12 or 24-hour time format. The watch is pretty durable and as such comes with a battery that has a two-year lifespan.

YOU’LL LIKE:¬†Water resistant and shock resistant |¬†Stopwatch with countdown timer |¬†Long lasting battery |¬†Backlight with Afterglow function

YOU’LL DISLIKE:¬†The screen fogs easily when it comes in contact with water |¬†Old generation models feel more sturdy than this new generation model

Get the G-shock Classic Digital Watch

3. Casio G-Shock Illuminator Watch 

There is¬†only one way to light up your watch closet; the way of the Casio G shock 2016 Illuminator watch. Like the aforementioned g shock watch models we’ve reviewed above, the Illuminator is shock and water resistant. Additionally, it comes with a super illuminator backlight (from where it got its name).

latest g shock 2016 2017

The large digital display face ensures that your view of the watch face isn’t hindered. With the Casio G shock 2016 Illuminator watch, you can set five different alarms.¬†Moreover, the multi time feature allows you to keep track of time in four different preset time zones. For the sake of convenience, you can choose between the 12 and 24-hour time formats while the date calendar keeps you posted on the dates.

YOU’LL LIKE:¬†Water and shock resistant | Large digital display screen |¬†Multi time zone feature makes it a great travel companion |¬†Five independent alarm slots that make you time conscious | Auto LED backlight

YOU’LL DISLIKE:¬†If you’re not conversant with it, you may find it difficult to operate

Get the G-shock Illuminator Watch

4. Casio G-Shock Rescue Big Case Watch

This is the best g-shock 2016 watch I’ve ever seen. Spotting a flawless design with a mouth watering color, you can’t help but look at it over and over again. It’s rugged and water resistant – not fit for scuba diving though.

latest g shock 2016 2017

Its red color makes it outstanding whenever you see it. The wrist band is made of resin. The watch features moon tide graphs, a world time function, auto backlight function, a flash alert as well as daily alert functions. As a matter of fact, this watch is one of the watches from the Illuminator series.

YOU’LL LIKE:¬†Auto backlight feature |¬†Daily alarm with¬†flash alert feature |¬†Water and shock resistant |¬†Moon/tide graphs |¬†Stunning electrifying red color

YOU’LL DISLIKE:¬†None! Simply perfect. I’ll recommend this watch any time any day.

Get the G-shock Red Rescue Watch

5.¬†G-Shock GA100A-7A X-Large Men’s White Resin Sports Watch

The whitest of them all is this Resin sports G-shock watch. This is the perfect watch for anyone that wants to be outstanding when they are dressed in white entirely. This G-shock watch is water resistant and has exactly the same features as all the watches mentioned g shock 2017

It also has a 48 city time zone¬†feature and would definitely find a place in your wrist when next you’re traveling.

The watch’s white and matching blue dial make it look very premium and classic. It does, however, make the watch prone to dirt easily. To keep the watch white for long, you should always clean it after each use.

YOU’LL LIKE:¬†Water and shock resistant | Auto backlight |¬†Daily alarm with speed timer | Analog display screen | Multiple time zones |¬†Stunning¬†white color.

YOU’LL DISLIKE:¬†White color makes it impossible to keep the watch clean always.

Get the G-shock GA100A White Watch

Have you ever felt at peace when you look at your time and oh, you’re wearing a g-shock watch?

Choose any of these latest G shock 2016 and 2017 watches above and worry less about a wrist watch for a long time to come.

Just before you leave, here are a few things you should know about maintaining your G-shock watch.

The fact that your G-shock watch is rugged and water resistant¬†doesn’t mean you should always wear it in the shower or while swimming. Constant exposure to water will surely weaken it and make them prone to failure long before their warranty expires.

If you can, always take off your g-shock wrist watch and save yourself the stress of shopping for a new replacement.

I love G-shock watches, do you?

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