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Top 12 Latest Male Agbada Styles for 2017 (Updated)

    (Last Updated On: August 10, 2017)

    Looking for the latest male agbada styles?

    With the current trend in fashion, these male Agbada styles which used to be associated with the big men especially the senators and the big wigs at Abuja has now become popular amongst the younger generation.

    Lately, top fashion designers have started bringing the Agbada trend down to the youths. The Big Boys are now starting to look more and more dapper in the attire!

    But that’s by the way.

    Wanna know how to dress in Agbada? Or you’re simply checking out new male agbada styles and designs for tailors, then stick around!

    So without wasting much of your time, Check out these styles and embroidery designs!

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    The bro in the blue Agbada is obviously shy of the camera, but I’m sure he wouldn’t be that shy in front of a girl that catches his attention in these female agbada styles. Need I also say that the guy in the left rocked that short agbada for men like no other?

    Click on any image to enlarge. Check back soon for the latest Agbada styles…

    Photo Credit: Instagram @agbadastyles

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