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7 Fashion Info Graphics That Will Teach You Style For Free!

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2017)

Many content creators have begun to understand the importance of creating info graphics. The reason is not far fetched. This study by Ashley Welter proves it all. So I decided to take a clue from them and went in search of insightful fashion info graphics that contains some of the best secrets and tips that can turn a man into a fashion geek.

These 7 fashion info graphics I am about to show you will teach you style the way no one else has ever done.

By the way, see these tips if you’re about to buy a suit.

  1. Learn How to Roll Your Sleeves like a pro!

fashion info graphics

  • Unbutton and unroll the your shirt’s sleeves.
  • Roll the sleeves to about twice the cuff
  • Roll again to the bottom of the cuff
  • Roll the last one to onto the cuff leaving just a tiny bit of the cuff showing.

Simple, wasn’t it?


2.  Ties that go with different suit colors:

fashion info graphics ties and suit

This fashion info graphics shows you which ties to wear with which suit. Here’s also a list of 5 popular suit colors you should own.


3. How to Wear a Polo:

fashion info graphics wear a polo

If you are keen on looking stylish in polo, then you should study this info graphic in details. Believe me, you’d have a lot to take away from it with you.


4. The Simple Shoe Guide:

fashion info graphics shoe guide

Ever wondered why your friend knows the right shoes for each occasion? Well, he may know some of the secrets of this shoe guide info graphic. Slowly assimilate it’s contents.


5. How to Fold a Pocket Square.

YouTube videos are some of the easiest way to learn this, but if you are running low on data, then you should check out this info graphic on folding a pocket square.


6. How a shirt should fit

how a shirt should fit guideThis is important given the fact that many men are guilty of some of the aforementioned mistakes in this info graphic.


7. Tuxedo: Do’s and Don’ts of wearing a Tuxedo.

tuxedo info graphic

Most people are yet to know that there’s a big difference between a suit and a tuxedo. Want to know more? Read this piece.

More’s yet to come!! Stick around!!!

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