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5 Must Have Popular Suit Colors

    (Last Updated On: May 23, 2017)

    Looking good and smart in suit isn’t as easy and as simple as just wearing any suit color of your choice. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, there are some factors you need to consider when buying a suit

    Here are the 5 popular suit colors that every man should own.

    Lest I forget, you should wear what suits you with these colors in mind.

    1. Blue Colored Suits: Blue colored suits are quite alluring and ideal. It is by popular demand, the most preferred suit color for interviews although any color could do just fine except of course for shouting colors like red, yellow and pink. Men with lighter skin shades will appear more pleasant in blue colored suits than men with darker complexion. Just like the grey colored suits, blue suits have different shades. One of the most popular shade of blue is the Navy Blue Suit color often referred to as the most versatile and de facto suit color in the United States. If you want the best blue suit combinations, then you should add a navy blue suit color to your wardrobe. Be recognized for what you’re putting on when you want to fit in. Need I say that navy blue suits are easy to customize. As a rule of thumb, the shoe colors that fit the navy blue suit color includes the black, brown or burgundy/red colors. The black shoe color gives it a business like touch, the red/burgundy color gives it a social feel while the brown color relaxes it all. One of the most common modifications of the navy blue suit is the pin stripes which when done modestly, can make you look amazing. A navy blue suit can serve as a regular piece of clothing for a frequent suit wearer or as the go to option for a man who rarely needs a suit.

    2. Tan/Khaki Colored Suits:  This color is apt for events during spring and summer months. If you have a dark skin shade, you’d definitely look great in this suit color. Tan suits are considered as business-casual wears and when combined with black shoes, they look great on the wearer. It’s one of the very popular suit colors.

    popular suit colors men tan khaki

    3. Grey Colored Suits:  There are many shades of grey suits available in the market, but charcoal grey, medium grey and light grey are the most versatile grey colored suits. Grey is the color of elegance, experience and level-headedness. Charcoal grey suits don’t often go with black shirt, so avoid wearing them. They are quite easy to match and goes along with a wide range of colors meaning that you are entitled to a large range of ties and shirts. It’s good for work, church, wedding and just about any formal occasion you can think of. The medium grey colored suit in the other hand is much lighter than the charcoal grey colored suit which many often assume is black.The light grey is lighter than the others and has a casual appeal in such a way that denotes a break for the monotony of the usual colors.

    popular suit colors men grey

    4. Black Colored Suits: Many say it is not as popular nor as trendy as the navy blue color, but I doubt. It’s the right color for both formal and solemn occasions. It looks good on many skin shades and fashion experts believe it looks better on dark complexioned men. I bet it would easily go along with plain colors like white, blue and red.popular suit colors men black

    5. Brown Colored Suits: Last but not list on our list of the most popular suit colors are brown suits. Brown suits represent conspicuousness and makes the wearer strikingly different from all others. Men with dark skin complexions look best in it. Most fashion geeks say that this is the color that signifies rawness and affluence. It also gives out the rustic feel.

    popular suit colors men brown

    These are the most popular suit colors.

    I don’t own too many suits, but hopefully, sooner than later, I’d add a few more versatile suit colors to my wardrobe. Checkout these Must Have Fashion Items For Every Man


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